Course Details

Young people do engage in problematic sexual behaviour towards other children and adults. In some instances, they are also the victims of sexual abuse.

This course uses up-to-date research and draws on clinical experience to give professionals new knowledge and skills, empowering them to undertake accurate assessments and to work in complex family situations more effectively.

Any work with a child who has either experienced or perpetrated PSB (or who has been involved in both of these situations) ideally involves their primary carers and will most likely include various professionals in different capacities in the young person’s life. This course underpins the relevance of such an approach and explains why it so important to progress in a holistic way.

Topics covered include:

  • Vulnerability factors for children
  • Why children don’t tell; why children retract allegations
  • Multi-faceted grooming of children: the implications for families and professionals
  • Technology, children and problematic sexual behaviour
  • Compliant and complicit victims – what the terms really mean
  • Understanding children who engage in PSB
  • Caring for children who have experienced sexual abuse
  • Issues for risk management with children exhibiting PSB
  • Assessment and intervention for children engaging in PSB
  • Recidivism in children who engage in problematic sexual behaviour

The course is designed to enable participants to feel more confident in dealing with the fast-evolving world of child sexual exploitation and in how to work with children who have a complexity of needs relating to Problematic Sexual Behaviour. It is essential for all those who work with young people or care for them as well as those who have a safeguarding responsibility, and want to develop a culture of safety within their organisation.

It provides core knowledge and skills for those who work either directly or indirectly with children, offenders and their families. It is relevant to law enforcement as it provides skills relevant to investigative strategies as well as involvement with young people with complex histories.

By the end of this course, participants will:

  • Understand the factors contributing to the specific impact of abuse on victims
  • Identify vulnerability factors in children with whom they come into contact
  • Engage more effectively with families and young people
  • Evaluate the risks associated with modern technologies and young people, its uses and abuses
  • Inform decision-making with up-to-date research and knowledge
  • Better understand the motivations and risk factors in young people who engage in HSB
  • Implement balanced risk management strategies

Reviews of this Course

This filled a gap in my understanding and management of children who sexually offend. I have a better understanding of the causes of PSB and how to strategize for them.

Police Officer

Useful insight into how trauma at early age can have an impact.

Social Worker

Excellent delivery from Joe, case study analysis was very helpful and explanation of problematic, inappropriate and normal was very helpful.

Social Worker

The course was delivered at a good pace with time to reflect and discuss topics raised.

Foster Carer

Excellent course with relevant content that helps inform practice. The course is relevant not only in relation to PSB but indicates the theories that apply to all traumatised children.



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