Host Your Own Training

Host your own Training

Unprecedented pressure on public sector training budgets has not changed the critical need for excellence in child protection and sex offender management.

In recognition of this, Forensic Solutions delivers a highly cost-effective training option for police forces, social services departments, education and social media industry to name a few. Where an organisation and/or their partners can bring together a group, we will deliver our training courses at a heavily discounted rate.

We can also provide Custom-built training packages, developed around the specific needs of an area. The training enables police forces, organisations and other multi-agency partners to join together to benefit from a special rate. This eliminates the cost of travel, accommodation and subsistence.

Conference Presentations

Dr Sullivan and his team provide thought-provoking and informative conference and workshop presentations which captivate audiences on a variety of issues relating to the sexual exploitation of children and vulnerable adults.

Speaking subjects include:

  • Understanding Perpetrators – The ABC of sex offender behaviour
  • ‘Just looking’: How risky are collectors of indecent images of children?
  • Handling media interest in child sex abuse cases
  • Professionals who sexually abuse the children with whom they work
  • Sexually motivated abduction and murder
  • Women who sexually exploit children
  • Travelling Sex Offenders
  • Organised groups of sex offenders
  • Sex offenders use of technology and the internet
  • Risk assessment of sex offenders
  • Producers of indecent images of children
  • Children & young people engaging in Problematic Sexual Behaviour: an increasing concern
  • Young people, the internet and Problematic Sexual Behaviour