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This five-day course combines two of our most popular courses – Understanding Child Sex Offenders and The Specialist Interview course – to provide a comprehensive insight into understanding the behaviour of perpetrators of sexual crimes against children. Participants then apply this knowledge to create more effective interview strategies.

By understanding how and why sexual abuse takes place, those working at the front line of child protection are better placed to intervene and safeguard the most vulnerable in society. Providing child protection through a greater understanding of how sex offenders operate is the ethos behind our interview techniques. This comprehensive specialist interview system has been specifically designed to enhance the skills and knowledge base of those professionals who interview child sex offenders in the course of law enforcement investigations, child protection evaluations and assessment and/or management of offenders.

Topics covered include

  • The role of behavioural analysis
  • Myths and facts about child sexual abuse
  • Theoretical perspective – the spiral of sexual abuse
  • Travelling sex offenders
  • Women who sexually abuse children
  • Organised groups of sex offenders
  • Internet child sexual exploitation-implications for those that safeguard children
  • What encourages engagement in interview
  • How theory informs practice in interview planning
  • Advanced techniques and practical skills in interviewing child sexual offenders
  • Offence analysis and sexual offending against children
  • Identified subject profiling
  • The Sullivan Behavioural Analysis Tool (S-BAT)
  • Complex Spiral Grid
  • Manipulation styles
  • Denial Typologies
  • Life History Timelines
  • The Projected Personalities Matrix (PPM)
  • Protocols for interview planning
  • Designing a layered interview approach
  • Demonstrations of interview planning and the delivery of interview strategy

This course provides core knowledge and skills for those whose work involves interviewing or meeting with sex offenders. It is particularly relevant to offender managers, social workers, and public protection officers. The content is beneficial to those engaged in assessments, intervention programmes, investigation and/or management of offenders.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the prevalence of child sexual abuse and the degree to which criminal records reflect a perpetrators pattern of sexual offending
  • Recognise the myths and facts about child sexual abuse
  • Comprehend the role which behaviour analysis can play in facilitating a better understanding of offender behaviour
  • Identify common characteristics of offending behaviour
  • Plan for more effective offender interviews & meetings
  • Use behavioural analysis tools to create accurate assessments
  • Understand how offender motivations and justifications create a ‘spiral of abuse’
  • Better decide what are the important questions to ask each offender
  • Recognise grooming & manipulation more readily
  • Understand the key features and issues related to women who sexually offend
  • Distinguish the importance of identifying those offenders who travel to facilitate the sexual exploitation of children
  • Identify the prevalence and key features of offenders who engage in group based child sexual exploitation
  • Comprehend the risk factors related to sex offenders who view/download indecent images of children.
  • Use advanced techniques and practical skills to encourage engagement in interview
  • Apply theoretical techniques to plan effective interviews
  • Better analyse sexual offending against children
  • Profile a subject
  • Understand and apply the Sullivan Behaviour Analysis Tool (S-BAT)
  • Utilise the Projected Personalities Matrix (PPM)
  • Design a layered interview approach

Reviews of this Course

This was an excellent class, it has provided me with invaluable tools to help in my investigations. I will be bragging about this training for years to come.

Police Officer, July 2019

This is by far one of the best courses in my career that I have taken. Well presented and organised.

Police Officer, July 2019

I have been investigating sex crimes (adult and child) for 15 years. I’ve learned more about sex offenders and how to interview them in the last week than I have in the last 15 years! There were some myths that I held that have been dispelled due to this training. Excellent content.

Police Officer, July 2019

There was so much information, intense information, but the instructor presented this complex material in a sort of step by step manner that helped me understand how this information intertwined together to paint the bigger picture.

Police Officer, July 2019

I think this course should be a pre-requisite for child abuse investigators.

Police Officer

Very well presented, easy to follow and comprehend. This course will help me better engage with suspects and greatly increased the tools for me to use while interviewing

County Sheriff’s Department

A fantastic course that provides unprecedented insight into the behaviour and thought processes of child sex offenders.

Police Officer


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