The Academy

The Academy

What is the Academy?

The Academy is a partnership with the Professional Development Foundation (PDF) that enables individuals to obtain professional and academic qualifications that recognise their specialist knowledge and professional development. All PDF qualifications are validated by Middlesex University.

The Academy’s courses are all ‘distance-learning’, eliminating the cost of travel and accommodation. Students work flexibly and are assessed through assignments rather than through examination.

What qualifications and awards can I achieve?

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Development (Behaviour Analysis and Forensic Psychology)
  • Graduate Level Diploma in Management of Specialist Professionals
  • Endorsed Award Leadership and Management

Who can apply?

The awards and qualifications recognise the practical experience of professionals in the field alongside the insights and training of Forensic Solutions Academy courses. Any professional working in the field of child sexual exploitation can apply. This includes:

  • Law enforcement
  • Probation
  • Social work and Non-Government Organisation (NGO) staff working with perpetrators
  • Victims
  • Families
  • Communities
  • Institutions

What qualifications do I need to apply?

No formal academic qualifications are required.  However, relevant experience and the ability to work at postgraduate level are necessary. In addition, individuals must be in a position to complete a written account that demonstrates their ability to apply the learning from the Forensic Solutions courses in a relevant, professional, work-based context.