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New technologies are having a profound impact on the sexual exploitation of children.

Forensic behavioural analysis offers a fascinating insight into internet and technology-facilitated child sexual exploitation. This course explains how some individuals use technology, enabling us to develop more informed risk assessment and law enforcement strategies and to provide more effective safeguarding.

Participants explore key issues, including whether possessing indecent images of children indicates a risk of contact offending and the similarities between online and offline offending. Child sexual exploitation can occur in varying forms and front line professionals increasingly need to understand how technology can be used.

Whilst the course deals with issues around technology, participants do not need an advanced technological knowledge.

Topics covered include:

  • Up-to-date research findings about technology-facilitated exploitation of children
  • Indecent images and stories – understanding their role
  • Collecting and distributing indecent images of children – the risk significance
  • Producers of indecent images of children – who are they?
  • Online grooming – web cam technology as an exploitative tool
  • Convergence – the role of mobile phone technology
  • How offenders exploit children engaged in risky behaviour
  • How women offenders use the internet
  • Networking behaviours and organised groups

This course is essential for all those who work with children, have a safeguarding responsibility and want to develop a culture of safety within their organisation. It provides core knowledge and skills for those who work either directly or indirectly with offenders and their families. It is relevant to law enforcement as it provides skills for investigative strategies as well as the management of offenders in the community.

Feedback has shown us that those who work with victims and their families have benefitted hugely from this training; by the end of the course, participants are able to:

  • Understand the potential applications of behaviour analysis in working with offenders who use technology to facilitate offending
  • Identify the key issues in ‘image based child sexual exploitation’.
  • Use behaviour analysis tools in analysing evidence in child sexual exploitation cases
  • Identify the key risk factors in cases involving indecent images of children.
  • Recognise ‘chat based child exploitation’ and online grooming behaviours
  • Understand how women use technology and internet to facilitate the sexual exploitation of children •Know what questions to ask when working in the area of child exploitation via technology
  • Understand how individuals can use different technologies to exploit children/vulnerable adults

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Reviews of this Course

Distressing subject matter delivered in an approachable manner means that key learning is not diluted by potential shock factors.


Very relevant and informative. It made me think and gave me ideas of how to approach safeguarding.

Residential Worker

Excellent program to help conceptualise a case and formulate ideas for working with offenders not only for child abuse investigations but in therapy with offender.

Child Advocacy Social Worker

This course was the first course I have attended with Dr Sullivan, I was very impressed with his knowledge and method of ascertaining information from offenders concerning investigations. I found this to be a great introductory course and look forward to attending future courses.

Police Officer

Joe’s information has enabled me to complete more effective and fit for purpose assessments.

Social Worker

This training was fantastic. I’ve been to numerous law enforcement trainings and this was by far the most interesting.

Police Officer, April 2019

The most helpful aspect of the course was the realisation that offending goes much deeper than the facts presented and available on initial or first arrest.

Police Officer



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